Clients Testimonials


Take a memories leave only footprints

"Bhutan is a fascinating destination! A Buddhist kingdom that is very much focused on safeguarding its culture, traditions and nature. I admire its approach towards sustainable development which is reflected in daily life. I truly enjoyed my 8-day trip. The guide was very knowledgeable and I highly recommend visiting this ' land of the dragon' . And don't forget to go for the hot-stone bath!"

Gera van Wijk - Netherlands

Dhana carried my very heavy pack up to ABC and back. She was at all times good humoured and friendly with a lovely smile. She kept an eye out for me and was helpful and willing. I never heard her complain and she seemed to have no difficulty in carrying the heavy load over steep and rough ground. It was a pleasure to have Dhana with us on our trek."
"Shanti's wisdom and skill were invaluable, her insight into the region and people added so much to my trip. I always felt safe, well-cared for and informed. I would recommend her and 3 Sisters trekking to all of my friends. Thank you!"  Kim Shirley ~ American trekker
Annapurna Base Camp Trek ~Shoko Noda-UNDP, Country Director Nepal

Frances Little - British Trekker

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